Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday Morning Update

I just received word from the family at the hospital. At this time Tim is not responding well to the doctors and nurses. He does not respond to their commands or questions. When Tim does wake up, about every four hours or so, he is quite combative with the doctors and nurses. At these points he tries to take off all of the medical equipment that they have connected to him. This is very similar to the way he reacted in the ER on Friday afternoon and evening.

Please pray that Tim would continue to rest peacefully, but that he would also begin to respond to the verbal interaction of the medical staff and family. Please also pray that Tim would leave the medical equipment on him. He needs this equipment for monitoring, as well as for the MRI he will have on Monday or Tuesday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sandy, Gordie & family: Keeping you all in my prayers, especially that God will give him complete recovery.
We'll keep in touch.
Arlene Franchuk

6:30 PM  

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