Saturday, March 18, 2006

Update on Tim Bauslaugh

If you are on this site you have obviously heard that Tim Bauslaugh suffered a medical emergency while playing football with friends at Taylor University on Friday afternoon, March 18th. Tim collapsed while playing and was rushed to the University of Alberta Hospital. On arriving they did a CAT Scan and determined that he had spontaneous bleeding of the brain. He was later moved to the Neuro-Surgical ICU.

Tim's parents, Gordy and Sandy, arrived at around midnight on Friday and are with Tim now.

I just heard from Gordy, Tim's dad. They asked us to find some way to keep people informed on Tim's progress other than people calling the hospital and their cell phone. This spot will be that place. We will keep it updated as to the most recent news about Tim's condition.

Saturday, March 18, 2006--10:00 a.m.

Tim will undergo an angiogram today to try and determine the location and cause of the hemorrhage in his brain. Once they determine this they will make a decision concerning the best course of action and perform the right procedure to correct the problem as soon as possible.

At this time there is concern that there maybe a potential stroke developing. Please pray concerning this.

The doctors have said that this is a very rare situation for such a young and healthy man. They are saying that Tim will have a minimum two week stay in the hospital.

Please continue to pray for Tim and the whole family as they walk this road.
As soon as we have anymore news we will update this spot.