Thursday, August 31, 2006

How much does green grass cost?

Today I have my first car. It’s a 96 Mercury Sable given to me by a friend form church. What a blessing! Now I can get a job without having to worry about transportation. Just another way God takes care of us.

I spent some of the day trying to tackle this whole insurance thing. So here’s a question. Why do we fill our lives with everyday requirements dictated by money? Is money a necessary evil in a cursed world? Are we obligated to carry this burdened on this side of heaven? Or, is there potential for us to live a more gratifying life here and now? I feel like there may be a different way. But aside from becoming a monk:) what would it be?

Ecclesiastes 10:19 says, “A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes life merry, but money is the answer for everything.”

I feel like heaven is going to have a bunch of picnic tables and green grass.


Blogger Lauren said...

I know what you mean, Tim! With this time of year comes Student Loans, and thus budgeting out each month of the school year and figuring out how many hours to work in order to make up for the differnce. Money really does seem to often dictate how we go about our day. We just can't let it take over from God directing each step we is a struggle for me being on a budget, as I'm sure it is for many people. But what I have learned at the same time is that God proves faithful in providing for exactly what we need, whether it's more or less than what we expect. So among the frustration that occurs because of money matters and everything else that goes along with that, it's a comfort to know that God is in there working for us and blessing us with abundance and love, which at the end of the day is all that matters.

Glad to hear that things are going well :o) I look forward to hearing where you are directed in ministry! Keep up the bloggin;!

~Lauren W. (from Taylor)~

8:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good thoughts my friend. I also have some random thoughts that kind of correspond with yours...not really, but a little:)

I just got back from China and reverse culture shock has really hit me...especially also the money-aspect of our culture. I feel like people here have everything but give nearly nothing while people in Guizhou province of China have almost nothing and give everything. the solution to your problem is: go to Guizhou and you will not have to worry a whole lot about money (as long as you grow a decent crop):). I think we're obligated to carry burdens on this side of NA money is definitely a burden in the sense that nearly everything requires $$ eh? I definitely thought that was one of the reasons life was stressful when I came back to NA (even in Hong Kong).

Aah you're right...heaven is going to be soo much simpler and...better to the nth degree. Good to hear you are doing well and that God is providing for you...once again...

9:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Spirit said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Tim, how are things up-date lately. Hope you are doing OK

1:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Tim - this is your Aunt Chris - I've missed your updates? How are things going? I'm still praying for you - I know God has something extra extra special for a great young man like you. Hope you will blog soon - I really miss it. Love ya, Aunt Chris

5:16 AM  

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